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Alabama Sales Tax and Online Companies

More and more consumers are buying all kinds of stuff online--over the internet from companies such as Amazon.  Many of these sales transactions occur without the payment of sales taxes, as the selling company likely has no physical presence in the state of the purchaser.   Many brick-and-mortar companies argued that they were at a disadvantage as they were forced to compel customers to pay more (often times 8% or more) to cover the state sales tax.  

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Alabama Divorce--Life Insurance, Annuities and Pension Plans

Alabama divorce and beneficiary designations. The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals issued a ruling concerning the post-divorce treatment of beneficiary designations naming a former spouse.  Kowalski v. Upchurch, [2131059, July 17, 2015] (Ala. Ct. Civ. App. 2015) (divorce did not revoke beneficiary designation naming former spouse).

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Alabama Intestate Law

When a person dies intestate, the Alabama laws of intestacy will kick in to provide for distribution of the intestate decedent’s assets.  This scheme of distribution may be referred to as intestate succession, intestate distribution or the laws of intestacy.  These laws represent the Alabama legislature’s best guess as to what most people would want to happen to their assets.


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