Corporate and Business Law

Gene M. Bowman has been a trusted attorney, CPA and advisor for over 20 years to numerous corporations, LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietors of all sizes.  Mr. Bowman has served as in-house tax counsel for Fortune 500 companies and essentially serves as a quasi in-house counsel role to his business clients.Representation spans from formation, organization through dissolution and includes tax consulting and compliance (filing of tax returns).  His experience as a Senior Manager with the Big Four consulting firms and his in-house experience serve has invaluable assets to this clients.  

Business Organization

Mr. Bowman has organized numerous startup business ventures, including limited liability companies, profit and non-profit corporations, including 501(c)(3) entities.  He also drafts and helps individual owners negotiate organization documents, including operating agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, contracts, non-compete agreements, etc.  

Employee and Independent Contractor Relationships

The distinction between employees and independent contractors presents many legal concerns.  Experienced legal counsel, however, can identify and address these concerns to limit your overall risk exposure, including your tax risk.  

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