Uncontested Divorce

While ending a marriage may never seem or feel simple, the least complicated legal process is the uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, husband and wife may disagree over certain aspects of custody, property or support, but they believe that with some discussion and thoughtful work can resolve any of their differences without a trial. Once the parties agree on the resolution of all issues, they can enter into a Marital Settlement Agreement, along with the other required documents and submit the final paperwork to the court, usually without a personal appearance.

Even with an uncontested divorce, all of the same issues must be addressed – custody, property and support – and the assistance of legal counsel will be essential.  The two biggest problems any person seeking a divorce has in terms of the process are (a) lack of knowledge about the full range of rights with regard to custody, property and support and (b) lack of complete information with regard to the spouse’s behavior. For example, do you know if your spouse has been completely honest about all finances? Do you know the likelihood of whether a court would award you or your spouse maintenance? These questions can only be fully explored and answered with a skilled and experienced attorney.


If you learn something important after your divorce is final, it may be difficult or even impossible to bring this matter to the attention of the court. Consequently, you need to do everything possible before agreeing to a Marital Settlement Agreement to discover critical information and learn of your legal rights.
At Bowman Law Firm, we have over ten years of experience handling uncontested divorces. We help individuals understand their rights with regard to all issues, including child custody, child support, spousal support and division of property. We draft the marital settlement agreement and other documents required the by court.

We will deal with the court to assure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, helping you avoid appearing in court.

Time to Act

Time is of the essence. As soon as you select the Bowman Law Firm to represent you, we will immediately put our considerable experience and resources to work on your case. The sooner we can review the necessary information, the sooner we can formulate a strategy for your unique circumstances, helping to insure the best possible outcome.