Is the Internal Revenue Service Going Back to Work?

A little more than one-half (1/2) of Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) employees will be at work at the end of January. Until then, the IRS will operate with only 10,000 employees. The IRS has approximately 80,0000 employees and 46,000 of them will be working in a few weeks. They will work through the tax season. Of course, if the government reopens in the meantime, all of the IRS employees will be back at work.

Individual tax returns will be accepted beginning on January 28th. The IRS will issue tax refunds during the partial shutdown. The IRS will have employees answering phones during the tax-filing season. Many IRS functions will remain shut down, including audits and collections that aren’t automated.

Taxpayers are required to timely file their tax returns, regardless of whether or not the government is shutdown.

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