Back Taxes--Individual and Business Tax Liabilities

Dealing with large back tax liabilities can be intimidating - particularly when the IRS or other tax authorities employ collection tactics such as wage garnishments, bank levies and property liens. When this happens taxpayers can find themselves financially strapped and forced into dire economic circumstances, sometimes leading to bankruptcy. This situation can occur whether the taxpayer is a single individual, married couple, business or corporate entity.

Taxpayers can be forced to sell their assets, their homes and/or shut down their business. The good news is that tax authorities have settlement programs available designed to help taxpayers resolve tax debts. Although taxpayers unquestionably have the right to negotiate directly with authorities, hiring professional representation for tax defense and to develop tax solutions may be the better alternative.

Assisting individuals or businesses (whether formed as a corporation, LLC or partnership) to develop a resolution plan requires special skill. Skillful advocacy entails presenting information succinctly and crafting a resolution budgeted on historical performance and available assets, while anticipating future recovery potential. This is key to engendering tax authority assistance. Many taxpayers need someone to run interference, design the plan, and communicate the proposed resolution to authorities because the taxing agency perceives the taxpayer has not been cooperative historically.  That is when an experienced tax attorney can help taxpayers to ensure that "fairness" is achieved.

Tax enforcement actions create stress and unique financial challenges whether initiated by the IRS or state tax authorities – oftentimes simultaneously. Bowman Law Firm stands by its clients and protects them from undue persecution. We collaborate with tax authorities to develop a tailored work-out solution that will resolve your tax liabilities. We employ a "partnership" approach to solving problems while "Maximizing the Power of Partnerships." And in back tax cases, the partnership includes the client, the tax authority and Bowman Law Firm.

We incorporate accounting and real world business experiences to support individuals and businesses in back tax cases. Solutions differ based on whether liabilities faced are related to individual or business taxes – but in either situation – we can help – with "integrity".

Call Gene M. Bowman, Tax Attorney & CPA for a free consultation if you need assistance with:

  • Challenging Tax Due or Final Notice of Intent to Levy.

  • Prevention or Release of Wage Garnishments.

  • Release of a Bank Levy.

  • Release of a wage levy or garnishment.

  • Obtaining a Stay of Collection Proceedings.

  • Penalty and Interest Abatement.

  • Unfiled Tax Returns.

  • Claiming Innocent Spouse Relief.

  • Obtaining an Affordable Installment Agreement.

  • Filing an Offer in Compromise.

  • Obtaining Currently Not Collectible Status.

  • Employer Payroll Back Tax Liability.

  • State Sales and Use Back Tax Liability.

  • Filing Delinquent Income, Payroll or Corporate Tax Returns.

  • Audit Protection.

  • Corporation, LLC, Partnership and/or Responsible Party Representation.

Whether you decide to retain an attorney or go it on your own, please understand the importance of taking immediate action to deal with back tax problems. Doing so will simplify a resolution by eliminating many legal stumbling blocks and the accrual of additional penalties. Quick action also reduces psychological and financial pressure while providing a quicker resolution to the crisis. Always open all the mail from taxing authorities. The news never gets better by ignoring it. If ignored, the taxing authority is not going to go away, in fact the agency will likely become ever more aggressive.

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